We are FinCradle, We Build Take Analyse Tests

With the help of our faculty which has more than 10+ years of expertise on an average, we have refined our training pedagogy to create a powerful impact on the aspiring minds,leading to a successful and well-planned career.

We offer training in certification courses like NISM, NCFM, Investment Banking, Financial Modeling, CFA, FRM, etc. We provide customized classroom and online learning solutions.

Our Mission

We aspire to create outstanding institute that promotes overall excellence and character development in our students

Our Vision

Our aim is to:

  • Transform the educational achievement of our students
  • Provide more choice for students by offering them variety of courses in various fields like finance, analytics and more

Our Test Methodology

We test our students on the lines of the actual exams. Some of our mocks are designed to be tougher than the actual exams so that students sail through the actual exam with ease. All the tests are CBT(Computer based tests) and are taken in a controlled environment to simulate the actual exam.


Who We Are

Welcome to FinCradle! We will post about Major Certifications in Finance and How an Individual can Prepare for them, Career Opportunities in the field of Finance, Stock Market and it's analysis.

Meet Our Team

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