Technical Analysis and trading in stock market

Technical analysis is the most important skill every trader seeks in the market. You cannot survive in the market if you are not well versed with the chart patterns and studies related to it.

This course will cover concepts in detail which an individual needs in his journey to become a successful trader

-Basics of financial markets

-Introduction to derivatives instruments

-Valuation of derivative instruments and Greeks

-Trading strategies involving futures and options

-Technical analysis, candle stick charts and patterns

-Studies- moving average, pivot points

-Trade session in the live market

-Competition among candidates based on the real time live market data.

Key Takeaways-

-Certificate of course completion

-Letter of recommendation highlighting the knowledge and exposure gained.

Structure and Duration-

-Course is designed for 30 days 30 hours sessions.

-Live online sessions.

-Recording will be shared on demand

-Necessary study material will be given Course fee Rs. 3000/-(all inclusive)

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