Terms and Conditions

FinCradle agrees to provide training as per the offering mentioned on the website/ brochure of the Company at the time of enrolment

FinCradle tries its best to conduct the training at the venue which was communicated at the time of enrolment. At the same time,

FinCradle reserves the right to change the location/ venue within five kilometers of the original venue(for classroom training).

FinCradle follows topic expert model, and has the right to schedule the training by different trainers if required.

At any point of time, FinCradle DOES NOT guarantee any placement.

The participant would have the privilege of rescheduling and attending a program in future at his/her convenience, at any location, on any date of a scheduled training at a minimal cost. Such cost shall be borne by the student requesting re-scheduling and must be paid in advance.

Whereas, because of any reason, a participant wishes to change (following) in his/ her registration:

If the rescheduling to a future date request is received 7 days prior (or more), 10% of the total fee will be charged.

Please note that rescheduling will be subject to availability of seats in the next/requested batch

If the request of rescheduling is received within 7 days or less, no rescheduling will be allowed.

It is agreed between FinCradle and students that:

Reattending any workshop will be subject to availability

Reattending form would need to be filled to notify operations

Participants will be able to reattend the classroom sessions of a batch only once in case of any unforeseen issues

Batch reattending validity:
12 months for other programs

Parties agrees that if the validity period has expired the student can re-register for a discounted price